Notice Of Change To Terms & Conditions

Oddbins Wine Auctions
Notice Of Change To Standard Terms & Conditions
Reportage Of Minor Label & Capsule Damage

Effective 23rdApril 2012…

So why are we doing this?
As you may have noticed, we have split the catalogue in two: the Budget (below $20 in value) and the Premium (those above $20).  From what our buyers are telling us, wines won from the Budget catalogue are generally destined to be drunk in a very short period of time.  I know I’m guilty of that.

So minor label issues appear to be of little concern to you and from my own experience, I know that such issues do not affect the wines quality nor their price.

So, we think that you really won’t be fussed if we don’t report them! 

But we certainly know that you will be really put out if we don’t report the major ones, which we still intend to do.

If you have any concerns rehgarding this matter, please do not heistate to conact Graeme or Chester on 08-8365-4722.


Graham Wright