An Announcement from OddBins

Hello and welcome to the new Oddbins website!

We love our loyal customers and wish to make a few things clearer about the new site, it's purpose, and how our offering will be improving.

A few key points to understand:

Oddbins Retail is live!

Birth year wines are now available for purchase 24/7 and you can click and collect from our Norwood warehouse, South Australia. Birth year wines are fully guaranteed so you can rest easy while investing in a special bottle for a special occasion.

There are now two loginsĀ - Retail and Auctions.

Our auction site works, we do not want to break it by trying to improve it, a bit like an old lawnmower in your grandparent's shed. The new retail site is driven by Shopify and has a separate login, it will not recognise your existing Oddbins login. Click through to the auction site to login as you would have historically, to bid.

To be very clear about how this all works - your existing account on the "auctions" system remains untouched, you will have the same login and password as before, and can bid on wines as before.

The only change is you access the auction system now via the url or via the links in the Header and Footer of the website.

New search filter for Oddbins Auctions: 'Uncontested'.

Select it to see wines that have not had a bid placed on them as yet. This increases your chance of securing a bargain and not entering a bidding war! We often have 1500+ wines in each auction and regularly there are multiples of the same wine in different lots.

Last but not least!

We are down two staff members for a period of 10-14 days. Please be patient with us while we do our best to get your winnings packed up safely. If you are collecting from our warehouse please call before you arrive so we can make sure your wine is packed and ready to go. Please wear a mask, please sanitise and please be safe.